Organization tips for a mess free home

By: Sabrina Novruzova, reporter

Are you tired of being stuck cleaning out your room for hours on a Saturday? What if you decluttered and cleared your hotspots daily? That would result in an entirely different scenario. Organization is a very effective and powerful skill. It helps many people succeed at school, work and, life in general. It might not seem important, but staying organized is a sufficient way in getting everything done.

Those who are organized are accomplished and are more likely to reach their goals. And organization doesn’t just mean keeping your room clean. It goes far beyond that. Planning events, sorting out often used materials, writing down tasks, and keeping belongings in place are also components of organization that is often forgotten about. In a messy work area, it is hard to stay focused and get assignments done. That is why many students are lazy and procrastinate all the time. It is much more comfortable to be surrounded by an organized environment where everything is visually sorted out and easy to find.

Here are a few very simple tips to help those in need of an organization plan. Decluttering is a great way to start and become a little more organized. By clearing out and throwing away unneeded belongings and trash, you are getting rid of items that are essentially filling up room space. Freshman Judy Chang said that decluttering is helpful in keeping a room organized and should be done every few weeks.

Another way to quickly and efficiently organize parts of your room is to check your hotspots every day. Hotspots are areas in the house that are always the messiest and disorganized. By taking a few minutes every day to monitor the hotspots and sort out what is always out of place will help keep these areas looking clean. Freshman Zarina Novruzova said that she always cleans out her hotspots, like her desk, and then she arranges her belongings neatly which helps her stay organized.

Decluttering and clearing hotspots are some of the easiest ways to become organized

Photo Credit: Sabrina Novruzova

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