“Photomath it Real Quick”

Elizabeth Kaleva, Reporter

Students are always on their phones. Educators wish phones were used for more productive reasons rather than going online, watching videos, playing games, and using phones to get answers.

There has been an increase in phone usage through school and teachers would like to know if students are able to use their phones for more productive reasons such as using apps like quizlet, nearpod, or watching videos on specific topics they are learning in class. Some students find benefit in having school apps on their phone, others don't.

Freshman Valentina Manukyan said, “The app that's most productive would be quizlet. It's easy to access, very useful, and helps me get my grades up. I use quizlet to make flashcards, study for tests, and or share with friends to study together. I also found a quizlet to help a lot with homework.”

Quizlet is very controversial. Although many teachers use quizlet to make study guides for their students ,and students enjoy the website to study, some teachers argue that since quizlet is easy to access, free, and flash cards can be made public students from the past or present make public quizlets on test answers, homework answers, and study guides.

Manukyan said, “I think it is important to have apps that will benefit me in the long run and are easy to access because having apps such as quizlet help me improve, and have easy access to studying before a test.”

Easy access to websites before tests help students contain information and review right before walking into class. Having gmail and Infinite campus is very important as well because students can see their progress through IC and how well they did on certain assignments. Gmail allows students to connect with teachers at home, and receive updates about assignments, class, and WCTA school updates such as spirit weeks, schedule changes, and assemblies.

Freshman Sarah Nunez said, “The most beneficial app is photomath. Photo ath is controversial due to students using it to cheat, but i find the app to help me with clarification when doing with homework, or i like to see the written out step by steps.”

Teachers know about photmath and depending on how you use apps it can be considered cheating. Students use photomath to get the answers quickly on tests or homework. Students like Sarah use the app for clarification when the teacher is not accessible, or when they are home. Since the app shows step by step instructions it can also clarify for students any steps they have missed or forgotten.

Nunez said, “I think apps like photomath can not help you outside of school, or school work, simply because the app is used for math problems and only math problems.”

Photomath can also be used to search up textbooks. Students who miss notes, or want to learn a little more can find textbooks on photomath that the school provides in person. It's a great way in case you lose your hard copy textbook or can not access the book.

Students can connect through teachers from home, get clarification, and study through the use of technology and apps created for students to use, contain information, and share with others so they can improve and use throughout high school.

Freshman Valentina Manukyan using a quizlet right before going into health class and taking her final module test. She is studying the skeletal system, nutrition, and fitness.

Photo credit: Elizabeth Kaleva

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