Preparing the Class of ‘22 for the ACT!

By: Zaryaab Shahid, reporter

The world has faced a challenging year that took its toll on parents, children, workers, and even test-takers. With the American College Testing(ACT) fast approaching, combined with little notice, the class of 2022 is struggling to keep their heads above the water as college and senior year fast approaches. There is no doubt that these tests are a part of a lot of high schoolers’ experience and required by many colleges, but by maintaining normality and continuing the test during this year, are students receiving the short end of the stick?

Over the years, schools and tutoring services alike have set up many resources for students to get the best possible preparation for the ACT. Still, due to social distancing and changes in COVID-19 guidelines, as cases worsen, that has not entirely been possible.

One student, a junior in the Biomedical Sciences program, Krystal Manuel said, “I feel like it would have been way easier to be able to study with people and ask for help in person. While at home trying to study alone, I feel almost stranded.”

To combat this, though, a sophomore at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas(UNLV), Craig Fernandes said, “Although this situation must be difficult for many students, it is still possible to achieve a great score on the ACT. I suggest using prep books!” Many prep books are available for the ACT, one of the most popular from the Princeton Review, and are resources that can be found in the library or bought online or at stores such as Barnes and Noble.

Along with this, a study schedule is also considered very important for success. By creating disciplined study habits that work for specific individuals, students can pace themselves and keep away from becoming overwhelmed.

Student use prep books to help prepare for their ACT

Photo Credit: Zaryaab Shahid

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