Presidential Debate Turns into Overblown Circus Act

By: Kyllian Throne

It is an undeniable fact that those who viewed the presidential debate on Sep. 29 were flabbergasted by what they saw. What they wanted was a semi-civilized conversation between two people that could potentially govern our nation. What they got was a pair of politicians practically turning the affair into a slapstick comedy routine that wasn’t very funny.

September came to a very shocking conclusion with this debate, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump practically at each other’s throats the entire time due both to their conflicting political parties and repeated provocation, the majority of which thanks to President Trump (one example of this being when Trump openly mentioned Biden’s son and the funds he received from China, likely to allude that China had bought the candidate.) The moderator, especially at specific points throughout the debate, was utterly helpless to intervene. Several of the West Tech population had much to comment.

“I think this isn’t going to cool over until January,” math teacher Amy Nelson said. “If Trump loses, he will drag it out to January 20th, inaugural day. I noticed (he) had the first negative ads, so I would say he made it worse.”

“Cringeworthy,” said senior Gabriel Kouder. “Proof that neither are fit for (the) presidency. (I) will not vote either, because both are clowns.” As unfortunate as it sounds, many across America are currently of Gabriel’s same mindset. After the results of this debate, almost everyone’s opinion was at least challenged.

Theater teacher Mary Young added on to this, saying, “the debate was run poorly. While the commission established strict rules and guidelines, they were not adhered to… no consequences were in effect when rules were broken.” However, she does provide some defense, mentioning that America’s political history may have been a factor. “I think we are so mired in a political divide… that neither candidate could’ve done anything to defuse tension during this debate.”

As the election goes on, things just continue to be piled atop one another. From President Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis to this debate heating things to a dangerous level, it is assured that things can almost exclusively get worse from here.

In the wake of the Sep. 29 presidential debate, America’s hearts have become uneasy about whether either candidate is right.

Photo Credit: Patrick Semansky, AP Images

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