Scream (2022) Review

Parker Randall, Reporter

On January 14, 2022, the newest Scream movie was released. This would make it the fifth movie in the Scream franchise. The budget for the movie was $24 million, and the box office earnings were $106.2 million, while being released for less than a month.

The first Scream movie was the most successful, earning $173 million dollars. Warning: There are spoilers to the movie in this article.

The movie includes countless references to the past movies that appeal to longtime fans of the franchise, like when Tara was on the phone with ghostface and they briefly discuss horror movies, just as they did in the first Scream movie.

The movie is set 25 years into the future after the first streak of movies. It takes place in Woodsboro, California just as the first movie is.

Many fans of the franchise are excited to see both returning actors and new actors in the franchise. Some returning actors are Neve Campbell and Courtney Cox. Campbell plays Sidney Prescott, and Cox plays Gale Weathers, who both appear in all five movies. Jenna Ortega and Dylan Minette are two actors who joined the franchise and made their first appearance in this movie. Many fans were excited about the new cast of the movie.

“I really like Jenna Ortega, I have watched her in shows ever since I was a kid," sophomore Lily Gandy said.

Ortega plays the main character named Tara Carpenter, a senior in high school. The movie starts with Tara getting a call from Ghostface claiming to be her mom’s friend. Tara tries to ignore the call, but then receives a video of her friend being held hostage.

“I really like the movie, I think there should be another movie after this one,” sophomore Margaux Cruzan.

Based on reviews like, “A solid setup for more to come,” and an interview with the writer, Kevin Williamson, there is a possibility that there will be a sixth Scream movie. In Williamson's interview, he stated that when writing Scream 4, he had ideas for a fifth and sixth movie. So this brings up the question: Will there be a Scream 6?

A view of the Scream 5 poster that is seen in theaters.

Photo Credits: Parker Randall

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