See You On The Other Side

Elenie Gabrie, reporter

As we’ve seen on every media news outlet, the tragedies of Hip-Hop artist Travis Scott’s “Astroworld” leave fans and families behind with great despair. With a death toll of ten individuals and over 300 injured, there’s no doubt that Astroworld leaves a mark as one of the deadliest concerts in world history.

Senior Hailey Williams said, “I think that the incidents were scary and it showed me that you are never really prepared for situations like this; all those victims didn’t think that their lives were in danger. I believe that it could have definitely been prevented… I hold Travis Scott accountable because even though there were ambulance lights going on, people chanting for him to stop the concert, and people passing out in front of him, he never stopped.”

Should Travis Scott be held accountable for the deaths of ten individuals? Ages as young as nine years old were pronounced dead at the concert. With ambulances and medics arriving from every corner, it simply just wasn’t enough.

However, it wasn’t all of Travis Scott’s fault, the attendees also played a role in the tragedy too. At least 50,000 people were in attendance at the festival. There was no age requirement for attendees so people of all ages attended.

Raging, and mosh pits are “normal” for a Travis Scott concert. What isn’t normal are attendees jumping on top of the ambulance vehicles, stopping them from taking injured attendees to hospitals. Footage from social media and media outlets shows people jumping on emergency vehicles in the middle of the concert, which also played a role in the deaths and injuries of attendees.

The people, Travis, and the show organizers could’ve done better. More ambulances, security, and medics should have been available. Travis should have stopped the concert to try and prevent the deaths of attendees, and people shouldn’t have been jumping on emergency vehicles.

The event was an overall disaster that ruined the lives of many families and ended the lives of others. Can we ever move past this?


Photo Caption: Official ticket design for the 2021 Travis Scott Astroworld Festival held in Houston, Texas.

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