Should Day N Vegas Come Back?

Elenie Gabrie, Reporter

Heads up Sin City, Day N Vegas is coming back after being canceled in the year 2020. The pandemic we’ve all been struggling with is finally steering towards some form of normal with openings of festivals, schools, shopping malls, etc.

In an attempt to be normal, Day N Vegas is coming back this year during Nov. 12-14, 2021. Day N Vegas is a three-day-long festival in the Las Vegas Strip area. However, questions arise if attending the festival is a good idea.

Senior Student Hailey Williams said, “I actually can’t say if I think it will return, because right now America is trying its best to remain open and go back to normal, even with the influx in covid cases and deaths. But at the same time, they may close it if covid gets too out of hand. At this moment I am not going but hopefully, I can get my hands on some tickets since it seems like a lot of fun.”

Senior Student Sabrina Simon said, “I highly doubt anything will stop the music festival from not continuing. Vaccine mandates/covid tests will probably be required in order to enter the festival but at least it’s better than nothing! I got lucky enough to find a friend who offered me a ticket! So I’m quite excited because the majority of my favorite music artists are headlining, and I can’t wait to be able to see them in concert again!”

Most West Tech students find the festival super fun to attend. However, safety is a really big issue; COVID cases have been increasing over the weeks, and a concert might lead to a rapid increase in cases if people don’t follow the protocol. Last year, many who bought their tickets were upset since the recent pandemic caused the event to be canceled.

Will it happen again this year? We may never know. However, since Day N Vegas is requiring vaccination in order to attend the festival, maybe we have a chance after all.

The link to the official Day N Vegas website for more information is down below:

Photo Caption: Official line-up for the 2021 Day N Vegas Festival from November 12-14.

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