Should grades be abolished this school year?

By: Anna Yeranosian, reporter

This school year has brought many issues to students, parents, and teachers. Starting off with safety, going on to adjusting, following with adaptability issues. In the beginning of quarantine, in March 2020,students were just transitioning to virtual school. Once the year was finished many students were hoping that the following year would be in person. Unfortunately,

because of the high covid cases most schools had to stay online for the safety of the students and faculty. For the sake of everyone's safety there were disadvantages like the actual education that the students received.

Virtual school resulted in a lot of complaints, especially about the grading system. The Inside Higher ED article said “Many colleges adopted pass-fail grading policies in the spring term to give students breathing room amid COVID-19 disruptions....Some also say that policies that involve letting students change their grades far into the semester are unethical.” Some schools decided on a pass or fail system, and some schools have settled on a lettering grading system. But besides other grading system issues, there are students who want the grades for the 2020-2021 school year to be abolished all together. There are petitions being signed and videos spreading on how students themselves have struggled this year and demand for grades to be abolished this school year.

There are also people who think the grade system should stay and that there should be no changes made. Freshman, Isabel Merrit said “ I have worked hard for my grades and it’s not fair if grades get abolished, if that happens it’s like all my hard work going to waste.” This topic brings out a lot of different opinions and it is safe to say that since the 2020-2021 school year is almost over that there will be no changes. Schools have also recently started to open back up. Therefore, more students will be able to learn in person and keep track with their school work for the rest of the year.

With distance learning and the on going pandemic are grades fair?

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