Should Teachers Be More Mindful of How Much They Assign?

By: Mary Ann Nikolov, reporter

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of homework you’re getting assigned by your teachers? Some might agree that teachers should take it slow with the amount they’re assigning, but others feel that they are getting a better learning experience with more assignments.

Students worldwide had to adapt to the new learning environment being online. At WCTA students go to school with the A/B schedule five days a week from 7 am-12:30 pm. Teachers have live sessions with students where they learn as much as possible and then get assigned classwork along with homework.

There are many students who believe that teachers are giving unnecessary amounts of homework every night. It can be very stressful for teens who have jobs and don’t have enough time to finish assignments. The amount of homework that is being received can cause students to focus more on completion rather than taking the time to process the information.

Junior, Jenna La Piere said, “I have a hard time managing finishing my assignments while working a job during the school week. I feel that I don’t learn when I’m under pressure to finish a lot on time.”

However, some believe that teachers should continue giving the amount they’re giving because learning becomes more effective. Students get extra practice and more tools so they can do better on tests and other classwork.

Junior, Anela Cuban said, “I believe that I excel with the amount of work I am being given due to the fact that I possess the resources to do so.”

There are many overwhelmed students, but others feel that they are doing well and that teachers should continue what they are doing.

Student, Antonia Nikolov working on her assignments given by her teachers for today.

Photo Credit: Mary Ann Nikolov

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