Should Thanksgiving Break be One Week or Three Days?

Rohan Gupta, reporter

The wonderful Thanksgiving break is approaching and students are looking forward to an enticing three days off of school. Yes, that is correct, only three days compared to the fabulous week some schools are getting. Many studies have been conducted showing that one week is much more beneficial.

According to the Daily Aztec, it provides a much needed break from school work after a long 14 weeks of non-stop drilling. Also, a week long break would provide students with a greater ability to travel home to family because it will be more cost friendly. WCTA students provide their insight into whether or not Thanksgiving Break should be three days or one week.

Mosses Feris, sophomore said, “Thanksgiving break should be one week long because it will benefit everyone from a mental standpoint with the long break. With the extended time, I would relax longer, spend more time with family and friends, and just forget about school for the week.”

Stefanie Le, sophomore said, “It should be one week because we need more time to spend with our family and friends, especially with people who want to go out of town. Also, going to school for only 2 days doesn't make any sense because we don’t have time to learn anything. Therefore, I think it should just be one week.”

Alexander Koppe, sophomore said, “It should be one week because we will have more time off and have time to spend with family and be thankful for everything you have in your life. You can also see more family members. I also want the extra break from school.”

Both students and teachers believe that a longer break is needed to spend more time with family, rest, and to prepare for a hard 3 weeks of school upon returning. Teachers said that there is not much of a benefit in the 2 days of school prior to the break because they are not able to cover the material and ensure that students will remember it due to the break.

Students said that they would like the longer break to rest their minds from school work and to focus on relaxing. Thanksgiving Break should be one week, and everyone has offered insight as to why. But what will it take to change the three day break into a one week break?

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