Something’s Fishy About the E Building… No, Literally

By Natasha Flore, Reporter

Going back to school after virtual learning was all anybody could think about.

After two years of online learning, the student body hoped for a pleasant experience going back. What nobody expected, however, was the odd smell in the E-building.

Since the beginning of the year, students from all grades often complained about how bad the building smelled, especially the freshmen and sophomores who are only now experiencing what the school is like in-person.

Many classes and clubs are held in the E building; the building belongs to the Environmental Management program which is taught by Mr. Gromny, along with several other science-orientated teachers such as Mr. Herrera, Ms. Beeman, Mr. Marlowe and many others. Some clubs hosted in the building include FFA, Earth Club, and Mock Trial Club, three popular clubs who all have a large number of members.

Despite all the discussion about the smell itself, nobody seemed to know the cause of it.

Freshman Emma Hellman believed the Environmental Management or the greenhouse classes could somehow be involved. “The smell is very noticeable- many kids will walk out and joke about the smell, so I think everybody knows about it by now. Mr. Gromny and Mr. Marlow are both earth teachers, and it could be from their classrooms- we’re outside often in the heat and the bugs during greenhouse, after all,” she said.

It could be likely that the stench is caused by the classes taught inside of the E building, but those two classes have been taught for several years.

Junior Sophia Arejola, however, knows the smell isn’t a new occurrence. “It’s always smelled funky since freshman year, really. I remember when I was in Mr. Herrera’s everybody would complain about it- no other building was like it,” She said.

Despite the two year long gap since any student or staff member has been back on campus, the smell has remained persistent throughout the pandemic. While the odor isn’t exactly anything new to the juniors and seniors, many still wonder if the smell will ever be resolved in the upcoming semesters.

The E-building and it’s invisible, unfamiliar stench waiting inside.

Photo Credit: Natasha Flore

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