Staying Together… 6 Feet Apart

By Zaryaab Shahid, reporter

Uncertainty. Doubt. Isolation. Everyone in this world may be different, but we all share common ground with these feelings during this prolonged difficult time. If the terrifying feeling of dealing with a pandemic wasn’t overwhelming enough, many are even more afraid of the prospect of going through it alone.

During the pandemic, social distancing has played an important role. “6 feet apart”, “wear your mask,” and “avoid physical contact” have become the mottos of this year, and with each passing day, these slogans become even more solidified in our day to day routines.

Despite this separation, though, many have found refuge in social media. Different platforms, such as Instagram, Snapchat, and even Netflix Party, have made it so people can feel surrounded, even when they are alone.

This has provided a safe and easy way to make sure people can “be” with others and has proven that there definitely is a good side to social media. For instance, Krystal Manuel, Biomed junior, says, “Social media has really been my only source of sanity during this time. I don’t find myself being extremely extroverted, but I still think it is essential to stay in touch.”

With this, the simple idea that although some people feel like fake images on social media harm their mental health, if platforms are used correctly, they can actually help mental health. Stephanos Fikru, a junior in the Biomed Program, elaborated by saying, “I think that social media gets a bad rep because people only focus on how it separates people and hurts their expectations when it can actually be used as a tool to unite people and make them feel less alone.”

It is clear to see that although 2020 has not gone by very smoothly and the battle isn’t entirely over yet, a spark of hope lies in the form of connection with the people that matter most.

Photo Credit: Zaryaab Shahid

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