Technology Can’t Harm Me… Right?

Zaryaab Shahid, reporter

What is the most prized possession in the hands of any teenager? The sacred object that is attached to them no matter where they are, what they are doing? Their phone. Whether it be Apple, Samsung, or Galaxy, a teenager and their phone are inseparable.

Lately, this behavior has only been enforced by Covid-19, and online schooling becoming increasingly prevalent. This constant state of staying online during school, homework time, when unwinding, and when talking to friends is starting to take a toll on everyone and it shows.

One of the main concerns many have is the psychological effects of being constantly on the internet. Krystal Manuel, a sophomore in the Biomed Program, stated, “I have begun to notice the psychological effects of constantly being on the internet. It makes it hard to stay out of your head.”

This is a common problem for many going through what Manuel is, as difficulty concentrating and persistent limited but comparative interaction is very impactful on the mental health of people, especially those at a more vulnerable and growth-oriented age, like teens.

Along with this, physical effects can also be seen. Stephanos Fikru, also a sophomore in the Biomed Program said, “Sometimes, spending all day on my phone and my laptop makes me feel completely drained. I am so tired of thinking about all these people and comparing myself to them, but also, my body is tired in the sense that my eyes hurt and my head is pounding because of how bright the lights seem”.

All of this just goes to show the importance of balance. Regardless of your device, you should limit yourself to times where it is really necessary to avoid damaging both your mental and physical health.

Photo Credit To: Zaryaab Shahid

Multiple Electronics in Constant Use keep student occupied.

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