Technology is Taking Over Our Future Jobs

Gabriela Gonzalez, reporter

Students are achieving their goals to arrive at their dream job but could their dream job be replaced by a machine? In the healthcare industry, workers have started using technology in nearly everything they do, especially in the surgical field. Not only that but in retail, finance, businesses, marketing, and more. This could lead to some serious financial issues in society but will we let it happen?

According to a recent World Economic Forum report, robots, automation, and artificial intelligence could replace 85 million jobs globally by 2025. Nonetheless, it will also create 97 million new jobs in the future. These jobs could vary from creating the robots, having human interaction, having more tedious tasks that robots possibly could not create.

I don't believe that these jobs will be easy to get and will require lots of education which not a lot of people can afford. Technology should continue to evolve, but there should be a limit to what it can “replace”. In regards to the healthcare field, technology advancement will just create more competition. Only the best of the best on paper can be hired despite your accomplishments.

Sophomore Ronnie Gorositza said, “I want to be an emergency room doctor and I know some portions of my job will get replaced with a machine/robot, but some portions won’t”.

Gorositza made a great point, the healthcare industry can’t get entirely replaced by machines but a lot of portions of it will which will increase the competition and lessen jobs.

History teacher Mr. Dunning said, that he can get replaced without a question and he said, “politicians don't wanna pay teachers and what they would like to do is make teachers babysitters while students do an online program. The teachers are just there to make sure kids don't destroy each other”.

It's really fascinating to look at different perspectives of what people think could happen in the future. Just like many others believe technology will come to a point where it takes over most jobs but there isn't a definite date to when this will happen. It would most likely be progressive. Mr. Dunning believes it could be in two decades but you can make your own predictions. What do you believe in?

Years of progress and technology is already taking over most of the simplistic jobs but they’re slowly progressing to bigger and more complicated ones. Our forthcoming jobs are at stake but to what extent?

Photo credits to Gabriela Gonzalez

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