Texas in a COVID Crisis

By: Milena Nguyen, reporter

COVID-19 is not new news to anybody and many are starting to become restless or simply do not care anymore. For example, Texas governor, Greg Abbott, has lifted the mask mandate and reopened all businesses for a fully functioning state. After news came out about this, many protested, believing that this is one of the worst decisions that could have been made during a peak of cases.

Many people have taken to social media platforms in order to express their opinions about the situation such as freshman Coco Zhang in the biomedical program who says “I think the whole situation is pretty careless on Texas' part but it represents a very loud population in our nation that insists to return to normalcy despite risking millions of lives”. Others feel similarly and believe that the mandate should stay in place until there are fewer COVID-19 cases.

Despite this though, and even after a catastrophic weather dilemma that affected millions of people, the governor continued to lift the restrictions putting many more lives at risk. Aaron Farhadi, a freshman in the business program says “This decision is a bit much even after the horrific weather dilemma that occurred and with the lift of restrictions in Texas, those who have not yet received the vaccine and are still struggling health-wise could put their lives at risk,”.

Decisions like these worry many as it poses risk for many others who haven’t received the vaccine yet or have other problems that increase their risk of contracting the virus. Not only has Texas lifted mandates, but many other states have also sparked outrage across the states. As the United States continues to battle this deadly virus, it is also trying to restore some sense of normalcy for the citizens of the nation.

Texas recently lifted it's COVID-19 restrictions causing many to worry what the outcome will be.

Photo Credit: https://www.everythinglubbock.com/news/state-regional/new-texas-covid-19-cases-just-short-of-norm-deaths-top-norm-ap/

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