The 2021 NBA All-Star Game Has Finally Arrived!

By: Carson Fiksenbaum, reporter

It has been a full year since the National Basketball’s Association (NBA) last All-Star game. The All-Star game is one for the fans. The game is composed of the best 12 players in each conference and they are all chosen because of their stellar play. The All-Star Game is a game that is taken seriously, but is mostly for fun. The game is the mid-way point of the season and there are several events to it. Each All-Star weekend has 6 events, the celebrity game, the Rising Stars game, the Skills Challenge, the 3pt Shootout, the Dunk Contest, and finally the All-Star Game.

This year, however, COVID-19 has also affected the All-Star game because instead of having a whole weekend dedicated to the events, all events are now going to take place on the same day. This is not the only thing COVID-19 affected, it also means that there are going to be no fans in attendance for the game in Atlanta, Georgia. This is a huge deal because the fans are what the players play for. The main goal for the All-Star game is to entertain the fans in a way like they can not do in the regular season. All-star games usually feature little defense being played and this is what causes these big, spectacular plays that entertain the crowd.

With no crowd and a more condensed season, the NBA’s top players have questioned whether or not it is a smart idea for the game to be played. Top NBA players like Lebron James and Paul George have discussed their uncertainty saying with James saying, “I don’t even understand why we’re having an All-Star game,” and then George said, “Especially, for personal reasons, I got fined for spending time with a teammate or having a teammate over, and yet we are having this All-Star Game," George explained. "So again, I got personal reasons why I disagree with the game being held.”

Fans however, are fine with the idea of the All-Star Game. Senior Holden Fiksenbaum says, “the All-Star game is a break in the middle of the NBA season and time for the players to have fun. I think the All-Star game this season will be great!” Sophomore Ori Gold said, “ the All-Star game this year will most likely be like last year’s, just sadly without fans.” The NBA did not want the pandemic to affect its 70th annual All-Star game and they managed to make sure that the show goes on.

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