The Addiction To Phones Is Growing

By: Ramisha Ahmed, reporter

Phones are all around us, and seeing one in a person’s hand is one of the most common things in the world today. These devices are owned by 3.8 billion people, with kids getting their first mobile device around the age of 12. Since so many individuals own these devices, and many reports show the majority of people spending hours on their phones daily, it’s important to understand why these devices are so addicting.

Social media is definitely a big influence on teenagers these days and their phones hold all the posts and tweets of their favorite celebrities, friends, acquaintances, etc. It’s not hard to like a post and continue scrolling for hours on end, getting caught up in a never-ending spiral of pictures and videos. In fact, about seven-to-ten teen girls go on social media every single day and teens report spending only three percent of their screen time on creative activities such as art, writing, or music.

“I spend an eternity on my phone. I usually go on apps like TikTok and Twitch to watch my favorite streamers,” said Freshman Maddy Evenson from Red Rock High School. Besides social media, smartphones offer a way to communicate with friends as well which is another reason why smartphone usage is rising. The amount of daily hours on a phone has been increasing for teenagers throughout the years. According to the West Virginia Education Association, teenagers spend an average of nine hours per day in front of their smartphones.

“It shows you that kids spend more time with media and technology than they do with their parents, time in school, or any other thing. They are literally living in a 24/7 media and technology world,” said James Steyer, the CEO and founder of the association.

“I think phones change the lives of teens in a good and bad way. You can stay connected to friends and family, and it’s a great distraction from everyday stressors. But at the same time, it keeps you from focusing on school and yourself,” said Hope Mulu from Durango High School. With more and more people purchasing smartphones the addiction to them will continue rising due to the new apps and entertainment continuously growing in order to suit everyone’s needs.


81% of Americans use smartphones, and the numbers are continuously rising, with 285 million people in the U.S expected to have these devices by 2023.

Photo Credit: Ramisha Ahmed

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