The Batman Movie: Why We Need Robin in the Sequel

By Mija Atijas, reporter

Ever since The Dark Knight Rises movie in 2012, many have waited years for another good Batman movie to come out. And after 10 years, DC fans were not disappointed.

With Robert Pattison starring as billionaire Bruce Wayne/vigilante superhero Batman and Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman, this movie did a phenomenal job with the acting and designs of costumes and scenography. However, a key part of the Batman movie was missing: the Robin.

A major ally in the comics, the first Robin, aka Dick Grayson, was a major cause for developing Batman’s character. Before, he used to be hostile and alone, fighting the streets of Gotham all alone with Alfred by his side behind the shadows.

But ever since adopting Grayson, Batman has had six Robin sidekicks by his side. Robin has been Batman’s light and kept him from falling off the deep end.

So what could this mean for the sequel of The Batman? Well for some movie-only fans, it’s hard to believe that Robin could even exist in the movies.

Junior Marija Botic says that it’s hard for her to imagine Batman with a sidekick since “during the movie, he just seemed very mean and cold. It’s hard to imagine someone like that having a partner or even working together with someone.”

Yet Junior Sophia Arejola has different opinions. “Yeah Batman’s mean in the comics, but that’s what makes Robin so good! He’s so important in keeping Batman from going insane," says Arejola. “The sequel definitely needs Robin; it will give a whole new meaning to Batman and who he is.”

Both comic fans and movie fans can definitely agree on something: the edition of Robin will definitely change Batman’s character in the future.

Zoe Kravitz (Catwoman; left with Robert Pattinson (Batman; right). The

movie is almost at $300 million at the box office, many are wondering how

sales would go if the movie went international.

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