The Big Problem of Poverty

By: Itzel Mejia-Cordova, reporter

How many people are living in extreme poverty; you may ask? Well, More than 1.3 billion people are currently living in extreme poverty. People in poverty rely on themselves to get out of this cycle. This is difficult for people that have a deficiency in necessities, due to their debts becoming larger and more difficult to pay off. Many people face hardship every day to get through this obstacle. Many people face hardship every day to get through this obstacle. Although it's hard for their daily life, they still manage to provide for themselves. In this essay, I will inform you of who are the people getting affected; what are the impacts on human activity, and how do these people manage to get themselves out of this cycle.

There are impacts on people throughout their lives when poverty comes in place. Poverty can lead to depression, stress, anxiety, and other mental disorders. Disorders and other illnesses can be life-changing and affect these people throughout their life. Students at The Delta Academy said, “people shouldn't go through this complicated lifestyle, I imagine how hard it is to not have enough money to get a main necessity.”

“Children and adolescents living in poverty often display dysfunction and delay in their cognitive, language, and social-emotional growth.” (Gale, a Cengage Company) In other words, Meaning that poverty impacts children in their education as well as their mental health.

Another impact is hunger, millions of people are famished and don't have enough for a meal. Hunger can lead to people being malnutritioned and weak. Bills get larger and then become difficult to pay. Student from The Delta Academy Max Zambrano said, “Personally my family struggled with money and it didn't feel good. We rarely had anything to eat when my family and I were hungry.” In conclusion, poverty is a big problem that can affect people's mentalities and can cause illnesses.

To sum up, many people face hardship when it comes to poverty. This affects them in their everyday life, making it difficult to provide for their basic needs. Without basic needs, their health, appearance, and social life goes downhill. Then these people end up suffering from extreme pressure leading to mental illnesses and other problems. Overall, poverty is a huge problem worldwide that is harming people's economic life, environment, and social lives.

Some people in poverty rely on food in trash cans. Others rely on other people to help. It is

extremely difficult to get food when you don't have money or even a job and it is hard to get a

job without a good impression.

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