The Brilliance of K-On

By: Jeslyn Cho, reporter

The pandemic has made it hard for students to go through a traditional high school experience. Instead of exploring interests and making friends, kids are stuck at home. While life is at a momentary pause, watching shows can give people a sense of normality. This is demonstrated by the anime K-on!.

K-On! is an animated series written by Kakifly. At first glance, K-On! seems like a lighthearted anime with zero to no character development. However, K-On! is rather brilliant. The show starts on the first day of high school at an all-girls Japanese school. It follows Yui Hirasawa, a ditzy airhead with poor grades and zero talents. Mio Akiyama who is quiet and shy. Ritsu Tainka, who is stubborn, loud, and goofy. Mugi Kotobuki, who is rich, sheltered, prim and proper. Along with Azusa Akano, a girl with multiple talents. The characters are all distinctly different, but a friendship forms over time. Viewers are able to see the girls go through the trials and tribulations of adolescence. An unbreakable bond is formed as the characters start their own band. While high school flies by, the anime shows the girls growing up and embracing adulthood. Freshman Niki Yang said, “This show seems super fun.”

K-On! has amusing animations and amazing tracks. Other than the cool music and great graphics, this anime explores many important lessons and themes. Freshman Sabdy Cordon said, “I like how it shows the importance of being yourself and finding your voice.” Over time, viewers can see the characters become more comfortable in their skin.” K-On! is a masterpiece that cannot be skipped.

K-On is a fun anime that is great to watch during this pandemic.

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