The Bus Isn’t Here!

Jeslyn Cho, reporter

“The bus isn’t here” has been an increasingly popular phrase used by CCSD students.

The Clark County School district is facing a substantial bus driver shortage which has left a great deal of students without a ride to school. Many families have looked for other forms of transportation to ensure their children get to class on time.

The bus driver deficit has been caused by a lack of financial incentive to spur job applicants. The starting pay for driving school buses is $15.30 an hour. According to a CCSD’s spokesperson, the district has 240 open positions that have yet to be filled.

Additionally, because of the pandemic, the school district was unable to recruit drivers over the summer, and this hiring freeze only exasperated the shortage. Many students have woken up early in the morning to have their bus late or never show up. This has been principally detrimental to students with working family members, which makes the school bus the only means of transportation they have.

Sophomore Niki Yang said, “ I’m constantly getting alerts that the bus isn’t going to be on time. I’ve been late to some of my classes which has been really annoying.”

The shortage has affected students outside of school hours as well. Many student athletes rely on buses to get to games. Sophomore Erynne Brown said, “ My team had to reschedule our tennis game for the weekend, because we didn’t have a ride. I’ve had instances where our games have abruptly gotten canceled too.”

In order to mitigate the bus shortage, charter buses have been introduced to help transport students around the school district. Nonetheless, charter bus companies have also faced trouble hiring drivers.

Arrow Stage Lines is a charter bus company that works with CCSD. The company said it's dealing with a significant driver shortage that's affecting its business. President Luke Busskohl said the pandemic wiped out 95% of his business overnight.

With a shortage in drivers all across the state, it will be hard to tell when the bus driver shortage will be solved.


The CCSD bus shortage has left many students without a ride to school.

Photo Credit: Jeslyn Cho

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