The Death of Virgil

Kendall Jensen, Reporter

Famous designer Virgil Abloh passed away on November 28th, 2021. At 41 years old, he battled cardiac angiosarcoma which is a very rare cancer. He was a designer for Louis Vuitton and founded the brand “Off-White” in 2012.

Many could say Virgil transformed the streetwear fashion industry. He mixed streetwear with luxury, which many consumers loved.

Senior Leo Garcia said, “I own Off White shoes and I admire Virgil Abloh for his fashion designs.”

Virgil had a beautiful soul with an amazing work ethic. He was diagnosed with cardiac angiosarcoma cancer, which restricts blood flow to the heart.

Junior Emma Snyder said, “I am in the nursing program here at West and I have never heard of that form of cancer. I feel terrible for his family and I loved his designs with Louis Vuitton.”

Virgil broke the internet after the public first learned that he suffered from cancer. He was first diagnosed in 2019, but he and his family kept it very private. He left behind his wife and two kids.

Many are celebrating the life of Virgil Abloh. Louis Vuitton is paying tribute by having a fashion show dedicated to him. Louis Vuitton put on a bittersweet show that shows the designers last menswear line.

Virgil Abloh was admired in the fashion industry. He was a beautiful soul and will live in our hearts.

This is the famous designer, Virgil Abloh

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