The Fun of Quarantine

Itzel Mejia-Cordova, reporter

The year 2020 is one of the toughest years recorded due to COVID19. The people affected by the virus have to face hardships and struggles. Everything has changed because of the covid19; it was a big change in a typical everyday life. The virus has made a big impact on everyone's lives, whether it is in school, social, etc. Everyone has to stay home and follow social distancing so the virus does not spread to anyone else. Life is different now and everyone stays home all day, so of course, boredom comes into play. The good thing is that there are so many ways to keep yourself entertained during the quarantine.

Although everyone is quarantined or has to stay home for their safety, there are a lot of things to do at home; Things that keep the people busy and entertained. For example, books, movies, shows, board games, and video games are helping people get through quarantine. Since authors and producers have nothing to do because of this pandemic, they are creating more content or a form of entertainment. There are millions of movies, shows, and video games to keep people busy while at home. Staying home and binge- watching a whole season on something that may be interesting is something people try out of boredom. Even playing a whole game is something that people may find entertaining during the quarantine.

Another thing that keeps us entertained is the media, The media keeps people updated on what is going on around the world and more. It keeps one another connected and in contact, it is a way to stay social without taking a risk of getting infected. Nowadays everyone relies on the media to do everything like school, work, and any other projects. Schools are depending on the media to stay connected and keep learning. The media plays a big role in keeping everyone entertained and notified.

People have to find various ways to keep themselves entertained while in quarantine such as read books, listen to music, or play games.

Photo Credit: Los Angeles Times

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