The Importance of Building Self Identity

Emma Baker, Reporter

Have you ever looked back and thought of how much you’ve changed as a person? Whether you think of your past self as negative or positive, you are still changing as of now. The majority of high school students are going through what is known as middle adolescence (14-18). There are many changes people go through throughout their lives, however one of the most important ones are the middle adolescence changes.

This includes a teen building their own identity, figuring out which social group they feel most comfortable in, or taking into consideration how others view them. All these things correlate to a teen’s perception of belonging, for the majority of their lives.

When building self-identity it is very normal for teens to make decisions they feel are fit at that time and change them. For instance, a teen may hang out with a group of friends that turn out to be a bad influence, but that doesn’t make them a bad person.

Palo Verde Junior Madison Daly said, “People can definitely change after this stage, because of the new experiences that you may encounter.”

After a teen is done with the middle adolescence stage, it isn’t final that they will stay that way forever, considering there are still many other stages of being an adult people go through.

When in this stage, it is important that teens are surrounded by people they enjoy being around. Being alone but not truly wanting to be lonely can cause depression in teens. Along with the inability to ever build the social skills that may be needed for future careers.

Sophomore Nicole Nunez said, “ Being lonely affects teens by decreasing their social and friendship skills. Due to this, isolated teens don’t have the proper social skills to have a relationship or communicate effectively with a group of people.”

It is shown that people don’t mind being alone because that is physically being by themselves. Whereas being lonely has to do with an emotional state and feeling disconnected from others, which can eventually cause health problems.

It is understandable why many people find the middle adolescence years hard, due to the constant doubt and lack of surety. However it is the central feature of teen life, there is a constant adjustment to beliefs and behaviors based on the feedback gained from others. Overall creating a person who feels more confident and comfortable as an adult.


Surrounding one's self around people that make them happy, is one of the best things a person can do for building self identity.

Photo Credit: Emma Baker

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