The Inside Scoop of Rhythmic Gymnastics.

By: Elizabeth Ivanova Kaleva, Reporter

You guys know about gymnastics, beams, bars, and flips. But have you ever heard of Rhythmic Gymnastics? Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance, and apparatus manipulation.

Individuals or teams of competitors (from 2 to 6 people) handle one or two pieces of apparatus: rope, clubs, hoop, ball, ribbon and Free (no apparatus, also called "floor routine"). Gymnasts must be strong, flexible, agile, and very coordinated.

Being early involved in rhythmic gymnastics helps encourage a healthy lifestyle, regular physical activity, eating a well balanced diet, building confidence and high self-esteem.

There are many gyms all around the states here to teach others about Rhythmic.

Nevada Rhythmic Academy is here for all!

NVRA was founded in 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada with the clear mission of providing the young upcoming talents with the highest levels of professional gymnastics training. The Co-founders are Olympian and World Champions in Rhythmic gymnastics. Over the last 10 years Nevada Rhythmic Academy has become the Premier Rhythmic Gymnastics Training Center in Nevada!

Level 9 Rhythmic Gymnast Alysa Gittinger has been with NVRA for seven years! Rhythmic is rare and many people would not choose rhythmic as a sport to be in.

Gittinger said, “I chose rhythmic gymnastics as a sport instead of any other because when I was younger I saw it on tv and fell in love with it.”

Gittingers Mother is from Russia and Rhythmic is a very popular sport all throughout Europe. Gittinger is a new upcoming level 9 at NVRA.

Gittinger said, “The thing I'm most nervous about this season is competing against all the amazing girls, in my gym and in other gyms, as well as making it to level 10.”

Level 10 can only be achieved by qualifying for the U.S. National Championship. Which brings us to NVRA’s highest competing gymnast and the first level 10’s at NVRA: Angelina Harutyunyan and Yana Golovan. Making history as NVRA’s first level 10’s.

Golovan has many goals she would like to reach.

Golovan said, “My goal is to make it to either level 10 elite or national team this year.”

Golovan is very hard working and hopes to have a better season than last year and have more positive competitions. Golovan and Harutyunyan have been competing against each other for years, and have always pushed each other to be the best that they can be.

Harutyunyan has gone through many obstacles throughout last season. Harutyunyan said, “My biggest challenge I had to overcome last season was the stress that was poured onto me. I had so much I wanted to do like school, get into level 10, and possibly the national team.”

Harutyunyan had to balance her rhythmic life and as well balance her social life too. Harutyunyan is strict on herself and pushes through pain, stress, and anything that comes her way. She doesn't let anything affect her goals.

This is rhythmic, you fight through pain, you push through those long hours for that one shot, that one chance to either prove yourself or doubt yourself. It's the gymnasts choice once they step out on the floor.

Level 9 Rhythmic Gymnast Elizabeth Kaleva doing a penche balance at NVRA’s

Rhythmic Gymnastics Gym.

Photo Credit : Elizabeth Kaleva

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