The Pandemic Style AP Exams

By: Zaryaab Shahid

A lot changed this school year with distance education, and Advanced Placement exams are no different. Unlike the ACT, Collegeboard provided three separate options to its AP students to take their exams, one being digital.

There is a glitch, however, for all those in CCSD; the second option isn’t available. This is due to the unfortunate fact that it coincides with semester exams, meaning the two choices left for West students are taking the AP exams early May in person or early June digitally. A degree of flexibility is also present, though; for those taking multiple AP classes, it is possible to mix and match between the in-person and online dates.

Krystal Manuel, a Junior in the Biomedical Sciences Program said, “I chose to take one of my exams in person and two online because that is just what worked for my schedule. I appreciate the way Collegeboard is giving options, I just wish all three were available to West students.”

This information came out soon after Spring Break, and earlier last week, surveys were provided to all AP students asking them which testing dates they prefer. Throughout this week, confirmation emails have been sent out with terms and conditions to make sure students understand what is going on.

Kashan Shahid, a Sophomore in the Biomedical Sciences Program said, “Many of my teachers encourage in-person exams because the date is when we are still in school, so we are actively learning and reviewing, while later on, students will be on their own.” Many share this sentiment with Shahid, especially seniors who want to get their credit on time for college.

It is important to note, though, that this fluctuates from person to person as every student figures out what works best for them. As this year wraps up with the last few weeks of Quarter four, students are inching closer to the finish line for earning college credit and making their final AP decisions for this school year.

The New AP Exam Date Oppourtunities

Photo Credit To: Zaryaab Shahid and Collegeboard

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