The Positive Effects of Social Media

Sienna DeMonbrun, reporter

Social media has made people do many dumb things in the name of entertainment, however, there are positive things that have come out of it. While some social media can be harmful, a lot of it can be positive.

Social media platforms have shown that many people will do anything for the approval of others. This may include bullying others or harming others. Trends like these are what make parents hesitant to allow their children to have social media, and for good reasons. However, much of social media does not indulge in these ‘challenges’.

There are large communities on social media dedicated to body positivity, updating the world on current events, and teaching the world new and exciting things. Communities like these are what people love about social media.

“I post nice things about my friends and I talk to people that make me happy,” said freshman Maddox Long.

Talking to friends on social media is what most people do on social media. Some apps are better for calling, some are better with pictures, and some are best for texting. When people text their friends, they are making a positive impact by boosting their friends’ moods.

“I repost fundraisers for people or for events to help spread the word and hopefully find people who can help donate,” said sophomore Abby Lovelady.

Many students at the moment are spreading fundraisers for Ukraine. These fundraisers are for shelter, food, water, and many other necessities that people in Ukraine need. Fundraisers on Instagram are probably the best for topics like this, for everytime someone reposts one, it donates one cent, and people can still donate.

Fundraisers are just one way to spread positivity and help make a difference with social media. Social media is a rocky place, but if used correctly, it can be a great tool to improve many other people’s lives in a variety of ways.

Sophomore Parker Randall enjoys some time on Tik Tok.

Photo Credit: Sienna DeMonbrun

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