The Resurrection of Among Us

By: Megan Roma, reporter

Among Us: the ultimate quarantine game of 2020. It’s the world-phenomenon taking storm; a multiplayer game you can play with strangers or your friends. The success of this two-year-old game skyrocketed just recently, and it is now one of the most popular video games of 2020.

Among Us is a competitive game to play with friends, testing your knowledge and skill. There are up to three impostors trying to eliminate the rest of the crew members on the map. When an eliminated player is found in a room, a crew member can report, and all the players try to discuss and vote to execute the impostor.

This game has already been out since 2018, but it has taken a rise due to the global pandemic. The sudden boom started when Twitch streamers and Youtubers allowed it to go mainstream. It currently has over 100 million downloads as of this September and is popular amongst children, adults, and especially teenagers. “It’s a great pass time by connecting us with those who are far or who we haven’t seen in a long time,” said junior Gabrielle Valdez.

Friendships have been known to break, however; it’s testing the trust and communication between players. Sophomore Joshua Castillion said, “It can get heated when you play because you see who betrays you...relationships can break because some people won’t trust you, and some might eliminate you.” Among Us has stimulated the ultimate test of relationships.

Overall, Among Us has been a positive influence this past year. Junior Ethan Reyes said, “Because quarantine forced us to isolate from most social interaction, it’s fascinating to see how you and your friends can bond and have fun with this game.” It is known to be a perfect pastime, testing social dynamics. Friends can reconnect with competitive tension while working together or simply playing an act to be the winning impostor.

The sequel to this game has been canceled, but it’s because the creators plan to improve the original. The surprise influx of players ultimately decided for the original to come back new and improved. Keep on the lookout, crewmates...or impostors!

Players go head to head to see who wins all: the impostors or the crewmates.

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