The Return of Tiger King

Gabriella Cappiello, reporter

Tiger King has clawed its way back onto Netflix with a second season. Fans are excited for the new and updated content that will look further into the cruel business industry of owning exotic pets.

Last year, the show became popular due to the new-normal of staying home during the pandemic. In less than a month, its popularity skyrocketed. Now, millions of people have viewed this series.

Tiger King explores the world of people who own exotic animals, such as tigers and lions, through business and entertainment. The series starts off at the surface as viewers are already able to see just how inhumane these individuals really are.

The main idea of the show is to take an in-depth look at how humanity can be quickly dissipated when it comes to greed. Freshman Mija Atijas said, “It’s interesting…I wouldn’t call being obsessed with it. It’s not too bad.”

With the new season release, this series now focuses on the lives of the other keepers and the infamous Carole Baskin. Joe Exotic is now in jail due to a small quarry between the facility and Baskin as Joe Exotic had been accused of premeditated murder to silence his rival.

Fans have considered this season to be more heated than the last. Art teacher Mary Heishman says, “I think it’s going to have more content than before.”

There have also been negative reviews about the show. Some find it unbearable to watch, while others cannot tolerate the content. So far, Tiger King is still doing well as a pandemic show.

Caption: Tiger King has grown new stripes for season two.

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