The Scammys 2021

By: Anna Yeranosian, reporter

It's not uncommon for people to think that the Grammys are rigged and unfair.Over the past 20 years there has always been something that the audience isn't satisfied with. As the years progress the Grammys views have been plummeting down, it would make sense for the Grammys to use someone for views. Grammys 2021 in particular started a war between K-Pop fans of boy band, BTS. BTS brought millions of views to the Grammys but left their fan base “Armys” disappointed after they lost the “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” award. Since then Armys started the trend #Scammys to show their disapproval of the choice of the winners, Lady Gaga and Arianna Grande.

The Grammys aren't based off of streams but there is a significant difference between the streams BTS received on the song “Dynamite” compared to “Rain on me” by Lady Gaga and Arianna Grande. Currently “Dynamite” has 818,895,413 streams on Spotify, meanwhile “Rain on me” currently has 580,475,488 streams on Spotify. That is just one of the examples, on Youtube and Apple Music the amount of streams strongly differentiate, and Dynamite always has more. These statistics drove the fans to start this hashtag in order to protest against the Grammys.

Fans from all over are furious, freshman Sam Anicieto said “Even though I am not a huge fan of BTS, I still think they deserved to win, I didn't even know that Arianna Grande and Lady Gaga were nominees until i found out BTS lost”. Clearly this shows how popular and deserving BTS was of that award. Page Six article states “‘when #scammys is higher than the original hashtag u know somethings up BYE.’” Showing the true power of the boy band, BTS.

BTS, Dynamite VS. Lady Gaga, Rain On Me stream count.

Photo Credit: Anna Yeranosian

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