The West Tech Times: Unknown or Forgotten

By Kyllian Thorne, reporter

By now, it has become apparent that no-one actually reads the school newspaper. Despite all the work Journalism students have put in to fill it with interesting articles, the newspaper is completely unknown. Almost no-one outside of the Journalism class itself knows that West Tech’s newspaper exists.

The entire point of the school newspaper is to share world events and basic news with the student body. However, the problem with this is that it is wasted effort without some way to promote the paper itself. The paper has become nothing more than a documentation of news for Journalism students who already know about it.

“I didn’t know we had a paper,” orchestra teacher Gregory Maldonado said. “It would be good for Journalism to make us aware and what kind of stories they feature.” Maldonado’s sentiment is shared by other members of the faculty and even those in the student body; those who believe that such a concept is a good idea, but are left in the dark because of a lack of publicity.

Math teacher Amy Nelson elaborated, saying, “The school newspaper is geared for students- they are the target audience. I think the importance of the newspaper is dependent on the quality of the articles and how well it is marketed.”

The issue is not that the newspaper is mediocre; it is not that people don’t want to read it. It is simply due to a lack of marketing on the parts of the Journalism class. The very paper that this article is meant to fill is, for now, a completely unknown outlet for creative thought.

Thanks to the anonymity of the newspaper, the article writing process is reduced to a hobby practiced for a non-recognizable grade. The newspaper requires a greater marketing campaign, or it shall forevermore be a small footnote in the annals of West Tech’s history.

An unfortunate side effect of the newspaper’s anonymity is the lack of travel to the otherwise well laid-out site.

Photo Credit: Kyllian Thorne

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