TikTok Is Bringing Fame To Not So Popular Artists

By: Ramisha Ahmed, reporter

TikTok is a social media app that contains 60 second videos of creators doing different types of things, such as showing off their talents or discussing comedic topics. TikTok is one of most popular social media apps across the globe with about 80-million estimated users. One of the main aspects of TikTok are the songs that creators use during their short one-minute videos.

TikTok has helped many small music artists grow by adding their songs to the app. Millions of people use the song in their videos, and viewers listen to those songs, search for the artist, and become a new fan. Many individuals have gained fame due to this cycle.

“Mitski would definitely be one of my favorite musical artists right now. I heard their song on TikTok called “Me And My Husband” and it was beautiful!” said Sophomore Afrin Ahmed. “I love Khai Dreams and Mxmtoon. I discovered their songs “Sunkissed” and “Prom Dress” on TikTok and immediately loved it,” said Freshman Maddy Evenson from Red Rock High School. An example of a viral song that TikTok had used in 2019 is “Roxanne” by Arizona Zervas. The artist had skyrocketed in popularity and had gotten a deal with Columbia Records due to this song.

“TikTok is definitely bringing fame to a lot of unpopular artists, which is super good in my opinion. Of course there could be times where we as a group give someone a platform who doesn't deserve it, but there are so many hardworking artists out there that do deserve it, and I think that's super important!” says Ahmed. TikTok will continue aiding hopeful individuals on their road to fame, and can help many people discover their taste in music.

Caption: Many people scroll through countless videos on the famous social media app, TikTok to watching these one-minute videos.

Credit: https://diymusician.cdbaby.com/releasing-music/how-to-get-your-music-on-tiktok/

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