Tom Brady’s Retirement

By: Jed Paley, Reporter

Recent news shocked the entire world when Tom Brady retired after losing to the Los Angeles Rams in a failed comeback. He shook the NFL world when he announced this; moments after one of his biggest rivals, Ben Rothlisberger, retired.

Tom Brady is arguably the best player in NFL history, leading his two teams to several super bowls in his 22-year career. He was the lead quarterback for the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Brady has won eight separate MVP awards, three in the regular season and five in his Super Bowl titles. He has won several other awards, including the Offensive Player of the year award in 2007 and 2010.

Brady has an inspiring story about his start in the NFL. Being a 6th round selection, he is the biggest draft steal of all time in his respective sport.

Freshman Tal Senderovitz said, “Brady’s story is very remarkable because no one believed in him at the start. Now, he is one of the most accomplished athletes”

Many reporters first made speculations about his retirement, which was debunked by Brady himself. Many trustworthy sources, including ESPN, leaked a fake retirement involving Brady. Brady wanted the words about his retirement to come from him without reporters beating him to his own story.

Sophomore Edmund Cain said, “News reporters should do extensive research instead of being the first one to post something.”

Soon after debunking the claims, he spoke about his retirement. This would soon confirm the reality of an NFL world without him. However, many people speculate that Brady will be back soon to complete his outstanding career. Will Brady ever come back?

In this photo, Tom Brady is standing on the biggest stage of all american sports; the superbowl.

In this game, his team, the buccaneers, won against the Chiefs 31-9.

Photo Credit: NBC Sports

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