Tom & Jerry Come to Life!

By: Mary Ann Nikolov, reporter

Remember watching Tom & Jerry when you were younger? Tom & Jerry: The Movie has now been released on HBO and at your local movie theaters. The animation is now combined with a live-action comedy.

Recently, movie theaters began to slowly open up again with a higher capacity rate due to Covid-19. There was a fear when cinemas first reopened in some parts of the country that families would not make their way out to theaters to watch a movie. However, with vaccination numbers increasing, people are now safely letting go of that fear.

If you don’t want to risk Covid, you aren’t required to leave your home and go to the theaters. HBO Max allows you to watch the movie wherever and whenever you would like for only $15 a month, along with access to many other TV shows and movies.

Tom & Jerry haven’t been on the screen since 1992, so this is huge for fans. Both characters now have a more modern appearance than what fans are used to. The classic cat-and-mouse story gets the live-action approach by integrating the animated characters into the "human world" for the first time in the franchise's history. However, certain elements of the story are kept to provide more originality to avoid disappointment.

Many students of West CTA are familiar with the original Tom & Jerry show, but some are skeptical about there being many differences made to the original characters and storyline. Junior Daisy Herrera said, “Tom & Jerry has forever been one of the most memorable childhood experiences and I cannot wait to watch Tom & Jerry: The Movie!

Junior Reynolds said, “My favorite character has always been Tom because of how sneaky he is and I hope that the movie is as good as it looks when I watch it from HBO Max at home with family.”

Head down to your nearest movie theater or subscribe to HBO Max so you too can also watch Tom & Jerry: The Movie soon!

Childhood favorites, Tom & Jerry both seen in the trailer of Tom & Jerry: The Movie.

Photo Credit: Mary Ann Nikolov

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