Vaping Among Teens

By: Ian Morrison, reporter

With the growth of technology giving rise to new social networks, media, and more, it is easy for new trends to become viral and spread widely across the globe. Whether it be a new Tik Tok dance, a video game, or a show there is always a new trend that everyone wants to try, however, not all trends are so virtuous. A particular trend that has become quite popular among teenagers and young adolescents is vaping. According to the CDC, studies have shown that 1 in 4 high school students have used or are using e-cigarettes or vapes. The increase of vaping in our current generation is growing at an alarming rate, putting many young adults and teens at risk for many negative long-term health side effects, whether it be lung cancer or heart disease.

Despite the dangerous risks of vaping, many adolescents are still willing to try or continue to vape. “I’m not very surprised. With such an ease of access to vapes and them being seen as a “cool” stereotype, I completely understand why teens would vape, even with the consequences that it causes.” said Freshman Nima Motamedi. Major factors, such as peer pressure, for example, make teenagers feel obligated into trying vaping so that they could impress a group of friends, which ultimately leads to the start of an unhealthy addiction. Vapes and e-cigarettes contain high amounts of nicotine, a stimulant drug that can be quite addicting and may cause several health problems towards an individual's body when taken consistently.

Vaping can distribute toxic metals such as nickel and lead into a person’s lungs which may result in serious long-term health problems. For some, this information may be quite unsettling, especially with vaping's sudden prevalence. “I think the rising amount of vaping among young teenagers is pretty concerning. It’s definitely going to interfere with their growth and health over time” said Freshman Mosses Feris.

It is clear that vaping has started to become a growing problem in our time and it doesn’t look as if it will end anytime soon. However, by not giving in to peer pressure and keeping away from vapes, you as an individual can protect yourself from a serious addiction. If you or a loved one suffers from an addiction to vaping, it is never too late to stop. Consult with a trusted adult, friend, or even school counselor to end your addiction once and for all. Never believe that addiction or a habit cannot be stopped, reach out and continue to remember that there are always people who are willing to help.

Many anti-vaping advertisements such as, The Real Cost, will often play before certain videos on popular sites such as Youtube, Tik Tok, and more to warn viewers of all ages about the risks of vaping.

Photo Credit: taken from @KnowTheRealCost on Twitter

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