Warner Bros. Gets Sued over the Matrix: Resurrections

Marco McEldowney, reporter

Following the white rabbit had never been easier when The Matrix made a return to screens in 2021. All you had to do was subscribe to HBOMax, Warner Bros.’ (WB) latest streaming service, and you could see The Matrix: Resurrections right from your couch.

Not everyone was too thrilled about this, though; Village Roadshow Pictures, a co-producer of the movie, is suing Warner Bros. for allegedly sabotaging their profits and breaching their contract.

They have some sound logic on this. WB added Resurrections to HBOMax the same day it was released in theaters. When viewing it at the theater, the money went to Village Roadshow and WB, seeing as they both co-produced it.

However, when using HBOMax, the only one getting the subscription profits is WB, leaving Village Roadshow in the dust. “I think Village Roadshow Pictures should sue WB because WB wrongfully released the Matrix movie ahead of [time]...this decreased revenue may lead to the end of the Matrix franchise,” said Sophomore Arnold Zhen.

In this age of COVID-19, a majority of people are staying home to watch movies. Sophomore Kira Trujilo said, “I would watch the movie at home, since personally I enjoy the comforts of my own house.”

Not only is Warner Bros. getting exclusive profits, they’re getting a large majority. Resurrections has made up to 155 million dollars at the box office. It seems like a fair amount of money until you see that the budget for the movie was 190 million dollars. That’s a gigantic loss for what was once a global phenomenon of a franchise.

Out of an anonymous poll of 11 people, it’s shown that four watched the movie on HBOMax, two went to the theaters, and five haven’t seen it at all. It’s clear that going to the theater wasn’t a popular option.

Village Roadshow may have good legal grounds for this, but the fact that the movie was unpopular despite WB’s alleged profit-hoarding can make them seem a bit more greedy than they’re letting on.

The potential money at the box office could have been much higher if HBOMax hadn’t gotten the movie simultaneously.

Photo credit: Marco McEldowney

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