Watch Out America! Korean Corn Dogs are on the Rise!

Isabelle Wells, reporter

A deep-fried combination of cornbread batter and all-beef hot dogs create one of America’s

classic meals: corn dogs. Recently, classics like these have been challenged due to the rise in

popularity of Korean street food.

Though he has yet to try Korean corn dogs, Senior Keean Baltazar said, “They’re like giant

blocks of cheese covered in a bunch of goodness.”

Not only do Korean corn dogs commonly include cheese, many restaurants have a variety of toppings and combinations of what to fry. CrunCheese, the first to produce Korean style hot dogs in Las Vegas, produces their corn dogs with dairy-free batter and the customer’s choice of a hot dog, rice cakes, and cheese. There are more options with frying as well, as the customer has the freedom to customize their fried order with squid-ink batter or potato squares coating the batter.

Even after the frying process, a full list of sauces and toppings to choose from are available like sugar, hot sauce, or honey mustard. While there isn’t any indoor seating, this is a great destination for a quick meal! While CrunCheese locations are widespread throughout Las Vegas,

Two Hands Corn Dog is a smaller location at Town Square that sells both Korean and American-style corn dogs. Some of their corn dogs are covered in Cheeto powder, wrapped with potato cubes, or dusted with sweet bean powder. Not only do they have signature sauces that pair well, but they also have a variety of slushes and drinks to make a bundle meal.

Even if American corn dogs aren’t the most appetizing at times, Korean corn dogs are a great alternative with crunchy, sauce-coated exterior and their cheesy interior. These corn dogs can be a great way to kickstart an afternoon with friends!

One of the most popular Korean corn dogs destinations, Cruncheese, features their iconic logo

right above the variety of corn dogs they offer. Whether it is with cheese, a hot dog, rice cakes, or

a mix, anyone is able to find something they enjoy!

Photo credit: Isabelle Wells

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