Way Too Much Homework

Itzel Mejia-Cordova, reporter

First of all, A lot of kids don’t get a lot of sleep when they are getting homework everyday.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, “teenagers need from 8.5 to 9.25 hours”. The sleep kid should get is never the sleep they are getting. But in reality, teenagers get 7 throws and 8 hour of sleep. Sleep is something that will go when kids need to study or get their homework done. It is recommended that teens get between 8.5 to 9.25 hours of sleep every night. Sadly, some teens barely get 8, which causes the child to be stressed. Stress can lead to depression; and depression can lead to drug/ substance abuse, malnutrition, or even suicide.

Secondly, homework makes it extremely difficult to do simple things like chores. Maria Mejia said, “usually when I come home from school it's around 2 pm and it takes me an hour to walk home. Sometimes I have too much homework where I finish my work until night. I am already tired after I finish my work.” Parents who even consider hiring maids/servants are really smart because they are saving their own and their children’s sanity. However, not all families can afford to hire people, which is exactly why homework should not be mandatory for children to learn. s

Homework should not be mandatory for children to learn because kids do not have time to do sports and other extracurricular activities (More Parents, Students Saying ‘No’ to Homework). Students tend to do better in school when they do sports and/ or are involved in Fine Arts Programs like Choir, Orchestra, and Band. Delta Academy student Maximilian Zambrano said, “I joined many sports and clubs so I get home pretty late, to come home and do 2-3 more hours of homework after being at school (not including after school activities) for 7½ hours is pretty hard for me.” Many students just don't have enough time to do everything, it gets hard to even pay attention or get things done.

To conclude, homework should not be mandatory for kids to learn. In order to have a good childhood, having fun makes it more memorable. If there's too much homework, kids won't have time to have fun. It just leads to stress and other issues. Being sleep deprived, having depression, and being bullied does not sound like a childhood to me.

Teachers sometimes give too much homework, to the point it stresses students out too much.

students need enough rest and they need to be mentally stable.

Photo Credit: Verywell Family

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