WCTA’s Cookie Dough Sales

Rohan Gupta, Reporter

Did you sell cookie dough? Well, your sales just contributed to one of the most successful fundraisers at WCTA. The cookie dough sale was used to raise money for the programs at WCTA. Many of the programs will use their money to go on field trips, pay for supplies, and projects.

Students were motivated to sell cookie dough, because the students with the most sales received a 100 dollar price and the program with the most money raised received additional money to use. This was WCTA’s first fundraiser of the year and many more are to come in the future.

“No, I did not participate in the cookie dough sale. I am not entirely sure how much money we raised because I do not personally know anyone who sold cookie dough, but I would estimate between 900 to 3,000 dollars.” said Mosses Feris, Sophomore, Bio-Med. Feris does not have high expectations for the first fundraiser of the year.

Ms. Donolli, the teacher in charge of Stuco, explained the purpose behind the fundraiser and the success of it. “The purpose behind the cookie dough fundraiser was for students to create money for their program so that they can do cool things. They were also able to branch out and meet new people.”

Mr. Solon, the Engineering Program Teacher, said more on what he plans to use the money for. “My plan is to use the money for field trip planning first because I feel that is very important when it comes to learning about this profession. My next priority is to purchase appropriate classroom material because students need to be able to work hands-on in the engineering field.”

The cookie dough sale was a success, programs raised enough money to use for future planning and activities. Many more fundraisers will be held, so stay tuned for more opportunities to help the programs out.

A flyer shows the delicious types of cookie dough available for purchase.

Photo Credit: Rohan Gupta

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