West Tech Best Tech: Get Involved

By: Alexus Loera, reporter

The roars of the student’s chants were deafening in the gymnasium. Students from our school screaming “West Tech Best Tech!”

Even though those roars have recently turned into frantic typing hoping to get their chant in on time, the pride some of our students feel for our school didn’t die. The efforts our students are still trying to make so this can still be a great school year haven’t gone unnoticed. Especially from this year’s freshmen who have never even been on campus.

Freshman Shelby Dela Cruz said, “My experience in StuCo at West has been spectacular despite being virtual. It’s given me great opportunities to improve my leadership skills and meet some great people. I also learned how to manage my time better. But my favorite part is definitely when we’re chatting in class.”

This is far from West’s normal and Cruz never even being on campus before she still shines as freshman class president. Even virtually, Student Council has made an impact on many students because students get a chance to learn more about the school all while sharing their creative side and expressing their opinions and ideas they have for the school.

Cruz said, “StuCo brings out the best in people and allows students to be involved in their school. Even though the workload can be large, the experience is definitely worth it. But I’d say you get back what you put into it.”

Cruz also isn’t the only one who encourages getting more involved in school. Junior Megan Roma who is now our student body historian has some great tips and advice for other students looking to get more involved in the school!

Roma says, “I would definitely recommend joining StuCo, other clubs, and even taking a leadership role! Joining this club specifically has given me the most amazing high school experience ever! I was able to grow in my leadership skills, make amazing memories, and expand on my relationships and artistry, and it’s a decision I’ll forever be thankful for! You won’t regret it!”

Even if student council isn’t for you there are endless opportunities and ways for you to get involved. Claire Ting a senior started her own club called Mock Trial, all of our student council members have started their own service projects, and many of our students around campus have won awards in their clubs including DECA, Cyber patriot, Skills USA, and more! You don’t have to limit yourself to one thing many of our students are in multiple clubs and service projects so you don’t have to limit yourself to one thing.

Don’t feel pressured to try all these clubs at once or at all just by even volunteering or supporting their fundraisers can still make for a great experience! Don’t be afraid to get involved and don’t be discouraged by these strange and difficult times we will get through it together one step at a time.

West Tech student Council last year at a movie night fundraiser.

Photo Credit: Alexus Loera

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