What Are the Options?

By: Alexa Hernandez- La Rosa, Reporter

One semester down, only one more to go! As the school year progressed, more students got the hang of distance learning. However, the same question keeps being asked: what if we go back in person?

Back in June, it was planned that students would go back in person on specific days of the week before carrying out the rest of the weekday online, also known as hybrid-learning. That soon changed to a fully distanced learning plan, but the discussion of in-person schooling isn’t done.

What would be the best option if the district did choose to send students back? How many families would support the decision?

Some students believe that the best option would be to carry out the rest of the year online.

Palo Verde Junior Shantal Lazcano said, “I don’t think it’s safe to go back just yet. There are still many people who would be put at risk if their young family members would be forced to intend in-person. I think I would just stay online if they did allow us to choose.”

Others believe that the district should have continued with hybrid-learning, as they originally planned.

Junior Josette Haile said, “I liked the idea of hybrid-learning because it would have been easier to get one-on-one help from a teacher than it is now. It would have probably helped a lot of kids that are struggling to learn as well.”

Whether beneficial to students or not, distance learning has been effective at keeping everyone safe. It is unclear if the district will choose to stay online for the rest of the school year- or even the next one. What’s important is staying safe through this pandemic.

CCSD discusses the possibility of hybrid learning--a mix of in person and distance learning--for students.

Photo Credit: https://losalamosreporter.com/2020/09/09/los-alamos-school-board-votes-to-postpone-hybrid-learning-to-oct-19/

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