What do WCTA Students think about the School Food?

Mosses Feris, reporter

The WCTA high school offers a variety of food for students to eat. It has free breakfast available in the morning, free lunch in the afternoon, lunch from the student store, and vending machines around campus. So how do the students of WCTA think about the school food?

In response to this question, many students don’t find the school lunches to be very appetizing.

Lino Verge, sophomore, said, “School food isn’t really good; matter of fact it’s not good at all. However since it’s free, I guess it’s alright.”

Even though Verge doesn’t find the school lunch to be all that good, the idea that it’s free and available for all students, is what prevents it from being subpar.

Sophomore Angelo Fornesi agrees with what Verge has said. Fornesi said that while it isn’t terrible, it is “nothing special and obviously doesn’t taste great.”

Fornesi also expressed one of the worst things that he found about the school food.

He said, “The worst thing about the school food is its size; it’s small, along with the fact that there is rarely meat or protein for the students to consume. It’s always pizza, pizza, pizza, and pizza.”

He believes that the school fails to deliver the necessary nutrients to students, bringing up one of the most common things they have to offer on their menu: pizza.

However, that doesn’t mean that everything about the school food is terrible.

Sophomore Haziel Gomez, shares his thoughts on this. He said, “Some of the food in the school menu is actually kind of good. Like the chicken for instance. This is a school not a restaurant; obviously the food isn’t going to be the best, but it’s still edible.”

While students may not exactly like what the school has to offer for food, they don’t exactly despise it to the extent where they would stop eating it. The general consensus shared by many students is similar to what Gomez said; not the best, but still edible.

At WCTA, students are given 30 minutes to eat their lunch before heading to their third or fourth period. Sophomore Mat Feris, finished his lunch and is waiting for lunch to end.

Photo Credits: Mosses Feris

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