What has COVID-19 done to football?

Carson Fiksenbaum, reporter

Everyone has gone through the hardships of 2020, including major sports leagues in America. America’s sport, football, has had to face a lot of adversity this year for all of its thirty-two teams. The National Football League (NFL) always has its seasons. After the conclusion of the Super Bowl, the NFL usually has its free agency period, then a live draft for rookies, then long training camps, and finally pre-season before the regular season opens up.

Because of COVID-19 and some new protocols, the NFL could not have held its usual training camps or pre-season. Now players and teams are realizing how valuable both of these things are. No training camp or pre-season has resulted in many more injuries in the league. Just in week 2, the NFL saw some of its future stars go down with season ending injuries. Saquon Barkley of the New York Giants, Nick Bosa of the San Francisco 49ers, and Courtland Sutton of the Denver Broncos all went out for the season with torn ACL’s. In addition a good amount of players in the league have contracted the virus. Games have been postponed, rules have been changed, protocols have been more demanding, and so much more has gone into play because of the coronavirus. Players have not been happy about some postponement of games and have expressed their opinions on Twitter.

Coronavirus has impacted the lives of so many people, not just NFL players. Sophomore Ori Gold said his life was put on a delay from the pandemic. Sophomore Alex Rahim also touched upon the pandemic and said, “this year has been the most challenging year I have ever experienced.” Many NFL players have also said this has been the most challenging season of their careers so far. Who knows what is next in 2021 and hopefully the NFL will handle whatever approaches them.

The NFL looks to finish its' season in February when they hope to play Supper Bowl 55 in Tampa Bay, Florida

Photo Credit: https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-extends-virtual-period-through-june-26-in-place-of-minicamps

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