What is the meaning behind these psychic readings?!

By: Mia Bella Ferrer, Reporter

Astrology is focused with the positions and motions of celestial bodies in relation to individuals, whereas tarot is focused with the legendary power of the astral realm. When a reader uses astrology and tarot together, they have a deeper comprehension of the reading since the two may be utilized to compliment one another. Whereas, Crystals may boost our energy and remind us of our goals, and choosing the perfect crystals for your astrological sign can be a fun approach to find the energetic balance you're looking for.

Are you a Water Bearer? Amethyst is a wonderful stone that may help you connect to your intuition. Do you have feelings for a Leo?

Tarot card reading is a type of cartomancy in which practitioners supposedly utilize tarot cards to acquire insight into the past, present, or future. They come up with a question and then use cards to interpret it. In astrology, there are four components that correlate to each other, much as there are four suits in tarot.

In astrology, cups represent water energy, wands represent fire, swords represent air, and pentacles represent Earth.

Crystals are both beautiful and powerful, and they may help you improve your intuition, attune to your soul, and harness the energy of your intentions. Different crystals have unique qualities, and some are linked to certain astrological signs. Zodiac stones and jewels are a gift from the earth, given to everyone of us to assist us in achieving our goals.

We can better handle the elements of our zodiac sign by employing these therapeutic stones. They can assist us in overcoming our flaws and enhancing our abilities in order to reach our goals.

But on the other hand, some people don’t believe in astrology and don’t get the purpose of it.

Kiefer Champagne said, "Yes, but it’s only placebo. When people receive guidance or something to relate to, people will find a way to connect the dots, like, ‘omg I drew a card that says I’ll find love and today a pretty girl looked at me’ or ‘omg I got a card that says I’m going to lose someone close.’ You know?"

You must have the appropriate perspective about the cards and about yourself in order to get the most out of Tarot readings and crystals. Understanding that they are a tool, a compass, providing you with feedback on your life as your destiny develops in real time, implies having the appropriate perspective about them. Because, let's face it, life in the present and future is tremendously dynamic, formed by an infinite number of wheels turning at the same time.

Junior in college Charlize Arielle Ferrer’s collection of her crystals.

Photo Credit: Mia Bella Ferrer

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