What is WCTA’s Favorite Food?

Eric Chernaev, reporter

Food plays an important part in our lives. It provides basic support for our bodies such as energy and essential nutrients like carbohydrates and vitamins. Food is also really good at bringing us all together.

Often times, we like to eat with people we like to spend time with. We often attend dinners to celebrate a birthday or invite friends over to eat what has been cooked and hang out.

Cooking is a hobby that many enjoy occupying their time and a tasty reward follows after. Social studies teacher Mr. Bonar said, “[My] favorite meal to cook is steak. Medium rare is the only way to eat it.” He also added, “I don’t like to eat cauliflower, it’s just not good.”

Food also helps different cultures come together. A lot of people learn about the differences in cultures based on certain traditional meals. There is a huge variety of cuisines from all around the world.

Senior Jasmine Atwell mentioned, “I like Chinese the most because I think it’s really good, especially shrimp fried rice.”

Junior Alex Kermani said, “My favorite cuisine is Persian food, especially Koobideh (Kabob).”

WCTA serves a variety of food throughout the week. Students have different favorites that are sold here.

Sophomore Isaiah Edmond said, “The best thing to eat at West Tech is the Teriyaki Sams noodles that the student store serves on Mondays.”

Sophomore Nysa Robles responded, “I’d say the pizza is the best thing to eat at West Tech, specifically the student store slices.”

Sometimes we don’t feel hungry enough for a meal so a snack would do just fine. Senior Ava Kiss expressed, “My favorite snack is goldfish because it’s the snack that smiles back!”

Junior Alex Kermani also stated, “Labneh is a middle eastern type of cream cheese.”

The students and teachers at West CTA enjoy a variety of foods. Everybody has a different taste but it is also important to go try as much new food as possible. What are you planning to eat next?

Sophomore, Isaiah Edmond enjoys the Samurai Sams chicken teriyaki noodles on a Monday

afternoon in the West Career and Technical Academy cafeteria.

Photo Credit: Eric Chernaev

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