What Makes a Superhero?

By: Adrian Delibassis, reporter

For the last few weeks, superheroes have taken over the school. Whether it was the campus being covered by them or the students and staff dressing up, the whole school was spirited up for our school's 2022 Battle of the Wranglers event. So it’s the best time to ask this question: What are superheroes and what makes them, them?

One of the strongest and greatest quotes that made Spider-Man is "with great power comes great responsibility." This proves that just because he had a power, he could still use it for good. This is one of the many examples of the qualities and traits that make them a hero to other people's minds.

Senior Dylan Council commented on what makes a superhero. He said, "Being willing to help others and put a smile on their faces" is what also makes a hero in somebody, and even said that they don't always need superpowers.

In a survey sent to other students around school about what kind of powers they would have, a lot of mixed answers popped up. A majority of the answers were people wanting the power to control time so they could either get more sleep or get more done in a day. Other answers such as flight and speed cut pretty close too, mainly because people wanted to use those powers for their own fun.

In the end, superheroes are something that everyone admires and looks up to. Whether they have superpowers or not, everyone can be one, but they must have the right motives and actions to show for it.

Many people around our school are getting into the school spirit, and are dressing up as their favorite superheroes.

Photo credit: Adrian Delibassis

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