What You Should Know About College Applications!

Cheska Suarez, Reporter

College is the one path most graduating students follow to receive higher education to pursue a career they wish to do in the future. During Junior year, students must start researching the college or university they wish to attend in preparation for their college application.

Resources for college search, such as College Navigator and College insight, are offered at the WCTA Counselor Corner website. Nursing and Sports Medicine Counselor Mrs. Wittmayer said, “The applications usually don’t open until the summer before senior year, at the very earliest.”

As a Freshman, it would be expected to have a mindset that Senior year is years away and college applications should not be their top priority at the moment, but Senior Drake Avisado said, “This application season definitely came up quicker than I anticipated.”

Thus raising the question, are students prepared on how to apply for college applications? With the continuous help of the counselors throughout the school years, some students feel prepared.

Senior Emma Robinson said, “I do feel prepared because I have enough resources from my counselor.”

For students who feel underprepared, the basic requirements in a college application are legal name, home address, letters of recommendation, personal essay, and high school transcript. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the fall of 2022 will close on June 30, 2022, at 11:59 pm. For more college advice, College Campus Advisor Ms. Joanie Till is available every Wednesday during both lunches in the College and Career Room in A building.

Crafting a college application is an important step to higher education, and Bio-Med and Bio-Tech Counselor Ms. Lanza said, “Ask for help when you need it. This can be an overwhelming process and we are here to help you.”

The college application should be a reflection of the student’s academic and personal integrity. Wittmayer said, “Be honest, be real, and tell your story in the personal essay. Everyone has a story to tell, tell yours!”

Photo Caption: A recommended college plan checklist that starts from the spring of junior year until the spring of the senior year.

Photo Credits: https://getschooled.com/article/5294-2019-detroit-college-challenge-badge-what-steps-do-i-need-to-take-to-apply-to-college/

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