Which TV Streaming Service Is The Most Popular?

By: Ramisha Ahmed, reporter

Over the past few years, people have turned their backs on cable television and headed towards a more modernistic version of entertainment. Streaming services. These services have become exceedingly popular due to their large selection of shows and movies, with ideal prices and great quality. Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Disney Plus, Apple TV, and so many other services have gained millions of subscribers all over the world. In fact, 57% of the people in the United States are subscribed to at least two television streaming services according to the Netflix Revenue and Usage Statistics of 2021. Since there’s a huge variety of these services, which ones do people prefer the most?

“I mostly watch Netflix since it has shows that are diverse to many other cultures and races. I watch it several times a week since watching television is what I mainly do in my spare time,” said Freshman Merron Asfaw from Spring Valley Highschool. Asfaw is just one of many other people who chose Netflix over any other streaming service. According to the 2021 Netflix Inc. Statistics, the service has reached 203 million paid subscribers, making it the number one television streaming service in the U.S.

“I use Netflix a lot because of their high variety of Anime, and I think they should enhance their selection, since more and more users are joining,” said Freshman Jenna Vinas from Durango Highschool. Although the majority of the people in the U.S. use Netflix as their source of entertainment, other streaming services are striving to catch up. According to Market.Us, a website full of statistics from the most commonly watched streaming services, 14% of the people in the U.S. use Amazon Prime Video, 13.6% use Hulu, and 13% use Disney Plus.

Most survey takers choose their favorite service based on the content it provides, and Netflix has a large selection of movies of all genres. From horror to comedy, Netflix would most likely have the particular genre people would be looking for. Cable television is still watched by millions of people, but streaming services definitely play a big part in people’s lives, and eventually, it’ll be the main source of everyone’s entertainment.

Netflix’s large selection of languages and genres attract audiences of all ages, making it the #1 television streaming service of 2021, beating all the others by a landslide.

Photo Credit: Ramisha Ahmed

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