Who Had The Best Black Friday Sale?

Gabriela Gonzalez, reporter

Millions of stores have a huge, yearly, global sale called Black Friday but, who really gives the best discount? After it first occurred in 1869, many companies have continued it as a tradition, the Friday after Thanksgiving. Some stores even offer a free or more than half-off item. The real question is, who had the best?

Runner up is Amazon with the biggest sale of the year. AirPods have dropped down to $169 including other technologies that have been discounted. It seems like online companies are giving out better discounts than physical stores.

Freshman Natasha Flore said, “I didn't see a lot of in person sales but more online sales”. Despite online Black Friday sales being on top, physical stores still have somewhat good sales.

Physical stores like Macy’s or JCPenney have considerable discounts. Macy’s clothes were discounted by half of their price as well as JCPenny’s. Some students decided to go look at these deals and they have some thoughts…

Sophomore Evalyn Tischler said, “It's a scam. Prices go up, and then they are marked down so people think they’re getting a good deal."

Students like Tischler have the same opinion but could this be true?

According to Lifehacker.com, during Black Friday, retailers partner with manufacturers to produce lower-quality items of well-known products in order to make them cheaper. By doing so the customer ends up thinking they received a great deal. In reality it's just a cheaply made product that most likely won't give the same result as a normal quality item.

Surprisingly enough well known stores that take part in this act are Walmart and Best Buy. Observations like the ones made by Tischler are very true but bigger companies tend to avoid these tactics because they’ll get caught rather easily.

Although Black Friday has already passed, deals will continue throughout the year due to Christmas and New Years’ shopping. So don't get all flustered about these great deals coming to an end because stores will develop other seasonal discounts in your favor.

Black Friday sales have come to an end but who really gave the good discounts?

Photo Credits: Gabriela Gonzalez (Me)

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