Why Don’t We’s ‘The Good Times & the Bad Ones’ Album

By: Megan Roma, reporter

Maybe we’ll just keep fallin’! On January 15th, the world-renowned band, Why Don’t We, unleashed their highly-anticipated album, The Good Times and the Bad Ones. It is completely self-written and co-produced. It has already hit #1 on US Charts, ranked on Worldwide iTunes charts, and hit #3 on Billboard Top 200 Albums charts in the span of a week!

Daniel Seavey, Jonah Marais, Corbyn Besson, Jack Avery, and Zach Herron used personal experiences and their most vulnerable selves to create the album. From pop-rock to alternative, the 10-track list even features instruments, driving them into a new direction from the typical “boy band” formula. They simply aimed to be honest with the world and prove they have what it takes.

The band released three singles beforehand, the lead being “Fallin’ (Adrenaline)”, sampling Kanye West’s “Black Skinhead”. The song was an immediate hit, peaking on Billboard #Hot100 and #1 on worldwide iTunes charts. The rest were sampled or tweaked by other artists such as Skrillex, Smashing Pumpkins, Travis Barker, and Khalid.

The album already has 72 million Spotify streams due to their different “pop” sound.

Junior Ethan Reyes said, “This album is so different from the typical radio-pop and even ‘boyband’ aspect, so the energy and lyrics were truly engaging and enjoyable. Some are slower and some are upbeat, the change of genres is really nice to listen to.”

The music has also been designed to fit what the band intended: to be relatable. Sophomore Joliane Apostol said, “This album has a song for almost every moment in life like it’s so relatable that it’s comforting. The feeling connects to all the memories you’ve experienced.”

I had the privilege to speak to the guys myself and chat not only on their album’s variety but its honesty in telling their lives. “I’ve cried a couple of tears listening to this honestly…then you’d be like this song is so happy! I don’t know what to do with myself!” said Besson.

The guys also mentioned how excited they were to perform these songs live. They created it in a way that would fit a powerful live show. Marais, Seavey, and Besson stated, “Look at me...or Lotus Inn in Vegas would be crazy to play.”

As the guys said themselves, they’re super excited for this album they can proudly call their own. Reaching to audiences of all ages, Why Don’t We’s new music really expresses all the good times and the bad ones, and is now available on all streaming platforms!

Why Don’t We releases their new album, The Good Times and the Bad Ones, and talks one-on-one about the music itself.

Photo Credit: Atlantic Records

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